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Why is life so complicated?
Why am I so cursed and hated?
I'm tired of this constant fight,
Show me how to make it right.
This situation is so tragic,
You're blaming me for using magic.
You know naught of what you speak,
Your mind is closed, your reason weak.
Your actions are so underhand,
Judging what you don't understand.
Witchcraft is no more a crime,
You're living in a bygone time.
Why should I change my convictions
Just to minimise the frictions?
Live and let live, that's my way,
I don't tell others how to pray.
Open your mind, learn something new,
See things from different points of view.
Open up your fettered mind,
Leave the Burning Times behind.
Why can't you see that I'm not evil?
I won't turn you into a weevil.
You won't find yourself with paws,
My broomstick is for sweeping floors.
Look beyond your hate and fears,
Show wisdom far beyond your years.
Swap ignorance for open mind,
You may be awed by what you find.

Inspired by current prejudices I am facing.
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November 15, 2012
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